Teach Yoga. Change Lives.
Live Your Dharma.

We train you to become an expert yoga teacher and share a life changing practice with your students
so you can make a great living doing what you love!

Who the Activated Asana Apprenticeship Academy is for:

Ambitious yoga teachers with the desire to become world class movement experts and make a great living teaching highly educational, in-person yoga workshops and retreats.

You’re perfect for the Academy if you:

  • You want to teach a new, “results-oriented” style of yoga that sets a new professional standard in the yoga world.
  • You are looking for an apprenticeship style of education for the next 12 months that ensures your learning and success.
  • You want to help every student achieve life-changing physical transformations, no matter where they are starting from.
  • You are ready to make the teaching career of your dreams a reality.
  • You are self motivated and clear that it’s time to take the uncomfortable steps that cause expansion and growth.
  • You feel “called” to be part of a larger mission and vision with a community of kindred spirits who are committed to touching and improving the lives of students all over the world.

How it works:

We are only looking for yoga teachers who are truly dedicated to their craft. We want to take your passion for yoga, train you to get results similar to (or better than) other movement professionals, and help you share that knowledge with your students so you can make $5k+/month doing what you love. Here’s how we help:

  • Become an expert teacher: We blow apart your imposter syndrome by teaching the same techniques the world’s top physiotherapists and athletic coaches use. You’ll learn the “whys” that allow you to think critically about student issues and see the bigger picture of how the human body improves and makes progress.
  • Become an expert presenter: Once you “know your stuff”, we help you share it with your students. You’ll deliver educational presentations that teach them everything you just learned, in a way simplified way that empowers and inspires your students on their own yoga healing journey. 
  • Create an abundant yoga teaching business: Now that you can present life changing knowledge to your students, we help you ditch the drop in classes and fill up in-person workshops, weekend intensives, retreats, registered classes, and corporate gigs.

How to join:

If you are a yoga teacher or (other experienced movement professional) that wants to create your dream yoga teaching career over the next 12 months, then fill out an application the Apprenticeship Academy below.

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