Great Method = Great Results

In a recent coaching call, one of my Activated Asana teachers told me how excited she was about the results her students were getting. She teaches Organization and Activation, my movement methodology, in her classes and her students are now able to access more advanced postures like 8-angle pose. But what she is most excited about is beyond asana.

She is most excited about her student who’d had a brain injury and had lost her balance for over a year. Now she’s doing single leg balances. Her other students are seeing improvements in joint stability, strength, and self-awareness. Her students tell her their pain and anxiety are gone and they are getting their life back! They feel more self-confidence. She knows that the method she is teaching her students is making a major impact on their lives.

These are the predictable results of the Activated Asana method. And this is why I boldly say it is a “results driven practice”. I realize this seems to be in sharp contrast to popular yogic philosophies like “non-attachment and non-grasping” but that would be a misinterpretation.

Here’s How I See It

In Yoga Teacher Training we are taught that our moment by moment actions result in the life we experience. This is why we are encouraged to attend to the quality of our actions in the moment, and trust that the fruit will take care of itself. Most of us have lived long enough to see the evidence of this wisdom. And we can see the folly of band-aid solutions that promise us that we can skip the slow process of growth and development, and still realize our future aspirations.

The point to understand here is that there will always be an outcome, a result, based on our moment by moment actions. If our actions in the moment are unconscious, disordered, or misguided, mediocrity or disaster will result. If we have better information and consciously apply a time-tested methodology to our actions, we can assume the results will be healthier and we can look forward to them.

There’s a big difference between non-attachment to outcome when you are unaware of the Biological Laws and non-attachment to outcome when you are aware of them and using a reliable, tried and true method based on them. 

And that is where Activated Asana comes in. What if we began with awareness of the biological laws of the body and based our actions on that truth? Could we improve the quality of every action we take in our Asana practice? 

What if we could practice a methodology that gives us better movement habits, more precision, more grace and control? What if this developed us spiritually, taking us deep within ourselves, letting us experience, in a very palpable way, the union of mind, body and spirit? 

Would our outcomes be better? Could we heal ourselves? Would the fruit of our efforts be sweeter?

I Think The Answers Are Obvious

The very essence of Activated Asana is “how” we walk the path of yoga. This is why Activated Asana teaches yoga teachers the Biological Laws and the Guiding Principles that put them into action. These Laws and Principles are simple to practice, remember, and apply to all activities we do. We instill this knowledge on our mat and amplify it in our life beyond the mat. Everyone benefits! Not just the student, but their family, their friends – they love to share it!

This is what excites Activated Asana teachers! They don’t worry that they might be accidentally harming their students. They can be confident that if their students keep walking the path in this way, using Organization and Activation with patience and grace, the body, mind, spirit, will bear delicious fruit. And this they are able to observe and celebrate with their students.

The celebration is about their recovery from chronic pain, achieving a pinnacle yoga pose, a big improvement in their golf game, or a more consistent sense of self-awareness, inner stability, and emotional equilibrium.

Those results are guaranteed  for Activated Asana teachers and students. 


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