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The broken YTT model can't turn you into the teacher you were born to be. We can.

Live your dharma teaching what you love

The world needs more yoga teachers like you. At Activated Asana, we believe in giving our teachers a real education so they can get real results for their students. We’re reshaping yoga education so yoga teachers can play a pivotal and unique role next to other healthcare professionals (and maybe even teach them a thing or two😉). We’ve got a “movement crisis” on our hands and people need our help!

While others cling to the 200/500/1000 YTT paradigm (shoehorning in some medical terminology to sound “sciency”)…we know that just doesn’t instill the confidence and professional expertise that dharma driven teachers crave.

Instead, we center your education around the things your students wish you could tell them. And then we train you to share it all with complete confidence and authority. It’s like you are learning to speak a new language.

As you grow and start stepping out of your comfort zone, our community of unapologetic go-getters will have your back every step of the way – nothing is “out of scope” and you’ll never have to dim your light just to fit in.

Together, we’ll blend your innate creativity with professional expertise and make teaching feel fun again. This allows your financial compensation to naturally follow.

About Denise Rouleau

I’m Denise Rouleau, founder of Activated Asana. These days, I study terrain theory, spend time with Levi & Tennley, and pour my time and energy into working with dharma driven yoga teachers who want to step in their rightful place among healthcare professionals.

I’m passionate about helping yoga teachers live their dharma and create life changing transformations in their students. I’ve spent a lifetime in the “movement” world, teaching everyone from personal trainers to yoga teachers to massage therapists (stumping a few doctors along the way💃).

The traditional YTT education system and “follow what interests you” model is broken – the way forward is actually to put your students at the forefront of your education. But let’s rewind the tape.

After my years in personal training and aerobics instruction, I was blown away at the challenge my first yoga class offered. I was immediately hooked and ended up being the “anatomy” teacher during my first YTT! From there, I went on to teach all the “anatomy and physiology” stuff that most YTTs don’t want to think about – for local studios, as well as in Rishikesh. 

It was a great experience, but it wasn’t true to my core values because I saw the massive holes in the Yoga Alliance curriculum.  It was more of a whirlwind tour of the yoga world with precious little time devoted to actually developing great movement teachers who knew what they were doing. I decided to never again compromise on my values and give out meaningless certificates that left teachers feeling hollow.

Life happened and it was time to live my dharma. I left my job as the Director of a local Massage Therapy college and started creating what has become Activated Asana. 

Now my Activated Asana teachers and I are on a mission to save yoga – and we’re looking for teachers like you to join us. We’re a misfit group of rebels that break all the rules – we strive to improve our craft, we get results and we unapologetically pursue our dharma – together.

If you want to avoid the continuing ed merry-go-round, do more of what you actually love, and never again feel weighed down by the disconnect between your love of teaching and the “reality” of your career…let’s chat! 

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