New training for Edmonton Yoga Teachers passionate
about fascial anatomy, biomechanics and alignment!

August 13 - 15


12pm – 6pm


9am – 5pm


9am – 5pm

328 Windermere Rd, Edmonton

A Living Bridge Between
Movement Science and Yoga

Not Just Another
Anatomy Course

When I first started working on this course, I wanted it to be more than yet another person’s opinion on the alignment of Trikonasana or a bunch of random tips and tricks that might help someone pop into a posture they were struggling with. 

I wanted it to be a resource that gave teachers all the “tried and true” principles they need to know about movement – the stuff that never changes. I wanted to give them a practical system that could be immediately implemented in their next class.

This started me on a year long journey to compile all the medical and movement science research I’ve been following and teaching for decades into a simple, coherent set of principles that could be explained in a way that both yoga Teachers and their Students could understand!

It was more work than I could have imagined but it was so worth it!

Learn to Activate

One of the most important parts of this course are my Activations – we’ll be practicing these throughout the weekend.

The Activations are kind of like turning on the ignition of an engine before you move. These Activations help you stabilize your joints, access your full strength and prevent injury! 

Once you know your Activations, you’ll have a small and effective set of tools that apply across all yoga postures. No more trying to memorize hundreds of cues! 

Even better, these Activations apply to ALL human movement! You can easily apply the exact same principles to anything from hiking, to lifting weights, to carrying groceries! You’ll be learning how to use your body, not just practice yoga.

Bridging Movement Science and Yoga

The weekend will also focus heavily on the information covered in Module 01 of my online course – Making Progress in Yoga.

This module tackles all the difficult questions that don’t have time to be addressed in a typical YTT. 

These are screenshots from my Movement Template Online course

This course was
inspired by...

Here are some of MY favorite teachers! Without their research and work this course wouldn’t have been possible!

My hope is that by the time you get through all the material, you’ll feel comfortable listening to world class leaders like these and applying what they say to your practice and classes!


Rolfer, Anatomist, author of Anatomy Trains

Kelly Starrett

Dr of Physiotherapy,  author, founder of MobilityWOD and The Ready State

Emily Splichal

Dr of Podiatry, founder of Evidenced Based Fitness Academy


Dr of Spinal Health, World Class Athletic Trainer, Rehabilitation Specialist


Yogi, Author of The Role Model, Founder of Yoga Tune Up

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Movement Template Online Module Listing

Handcrafted Lessons

Each lesson was written, rewritten and rehearsed multiple times to make it as clear as possible.

Helpful Graphics

Lectures are accompanied by on-screen graphics that highlight the most important points.

Multiple Formats

Contains a great mix of lectures, experiential exercises, full sequences, group coaching calls and my newly released 30 Day "Activate Your Asana" Challenge.

300+ Videos

To be honest, there's probably more than this since we just added over 200 highlight clips from the coaching calls I've been doing. Either way, there's a literal video library full of educational yoga content.

50+ Hours

Lectures are accompanied by on-screen graphics that highlight the most important points.

"Social" Community

The online course is filled with opportunities to comment and ask questions on lessons!


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August 13 - 15th

Friday 12-6pm | Saturday 9-5pm | Sunday 9-5pm

328 Windermere Road, Edmonton

Here's what Teachers are saying


Barbara - 40 Year Practitioner


Donna - Long Time DYC Student


Denise - Avid Yogi

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