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Pose of the Week

Pose of the Week was my first regular series. 2.5 years in and we’re over 118 episodes now! I can’t say we managed to get a video uploaded every single week, but it’s close enough at this point!

These are bite-sized 2-4 minute videos that offer different approaches that teachers can use to help common yoga postures feel fresh and inspired. The most recent videos can be found on my Facebook and Instagram channel – we’re a bit behind on the Youtube channel right now!


#AskDenise started when I started to notice that my Teachers were asking me questions that required more explanation than how to do a pose.

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about complex topics like hip impingements, achilles tendon rupture, or proximal hamstring tendinopathy, this series will have you covered!

Drill of
the Week

Drill of the Week is a new series that was launched after I finished working on my online masterclass. The idea is to use various yoga postures as a drill to teach a specific movement skill. 

These skills are much more effective at helping students make progress than simply saying “practice, all is coming”. But that’s not all! These skills apply to ALL human movement so students can use them regardless of their other hobbies – hiking, water skiing or bench pressing! 

Movement Template Live

These are a collection of helpful, off-the-cuff moments that happened at my live workshops over the past couple of years. It’s a bit of a grab bag, but all of it is relevant to yoga teachers!

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