Full Sequences

feels what it's like to make yoga a
Skillful Movement Practice!

Straight Up Practices

This is as close as I get to a "normal" yoga practice!

This is a great way to introduce yourself to the Activations that I teach. I promise you’ll feel like you got some work done!

If you want a strong and robust immune system, you gotta challenge yourself! Let’s go!

Sun Salutations are one of the best places to learn the Activations I teach – particularly the Hand to Core Connection.

Let's Get Specific

Got a limb or joint that's troubling you?

Let’s work on strengthening the knees and learning the Foot to Core Connection. To do this, we’re going to become best friends with the Lateral Fascial Lines.

I know, I know. You’ve got tight hips. But guess what? Deep stretches don’t help – those muscles need to contract!

Did you know 9 out of 10 dog walkers have shoulder problems? I didn’t either, until I created a workshop about rescuing shoulders!

Try Something Different

Unconventional and effective!

Blocks aren’t just for helping someone who can’t touch the floor! They’re fantastic tools that help us light up all kinds of muscles!

I roll on Yoga Tune Up balls way more than I stretch! Grab a tennis ball if that’s all you got! Let’s take care of our feet, hips and neck!

Every yoga teacher should be aiming to help develop their student’s proprioceptive capacity. Doing a full practice against the wall is a fantastic way to cause all kinds of interesting realizations.

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